Online Poker Scam:

Many people from all over the world become victims of online poker scams. 90% of poker players lose all their money at online casinos when they play poker. Every player wants to be a professional poker player and win millions of dollars in poker, but when he loses all his money, he starts to think about how to recover his losses in poker. What should I do if I am cheated by an online casino? Every player in the casino needs to understand that the casino doesn’t want you to win! and will do all they can to make you lose money to them. The purpose of the casino business is to collect money from gamblers. Some people report that GGPoker scam me, PokerStar scam me. We know this is a big poker websites, but looking at it as an honest company’s, but when you lose your life savings to GGPoke or PokerStar, You just ask yourself how to get back your losses in poker.

How the online poker scam work:

  1. Ghosting: Ghosting is a prevalent scam at online poker tables. It involves communication between two players—either directly or through an expert advisor—to gain an advantage over opponents during a hand.
  2. Transfer of Chips: Some users engage in chip transfer scams by moving chips between multiple accounts. This unethical practice can lead to bans from poker rooms.
  3. Multi accounts: Multi accounts refers to having several accounts within the same poker room to increase winnings. Poker platforms strictly prohibit this behavior.
  4. Bonus Abuse: Scammers exploit welcome bonuses by creating multiple accounts and transferring bonuses to one account for cash withdrawal.
  5. Use of Bots: Online poker platforms prohibit bots—artificial intelligence programs that mimic human play. These bots can operate tirelessly and are designed for long-term profit.
  6. Hacking: High-level players have fallen victim to screen-monitoring software installed on their computers, allowing opponents to see their hands.

How to receive money back from a poker scam:

This is a several ways to get receive back your money from poker scam. First, you must record all your activity and save your account number data and know your username, then save the deposit page information. After you have all the information, you can send an email to the casino online and request a refund. If the casino ignores you or don’t want to return your money, you can contact us and open a refund request, and we will help you get back your money.


One of the refund requests we received was from a client from United States who lost over $200,000.

His questions were:

  1. What to do after losing over $200,000 in gambling?
  2. Can I get a refund if I have a gambling addiction?


After we received all the transaction details from him and confirmed all the transfers, we start a negotiation with the casino online regarding the poker game loss. We agree to get back 100% of the initial investment and give our client all the money back within 3 business days. Get money back from poker. This is possible if you do this with a professional refund company.


If you want to know more how to get over a gambling loss contact us.

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