Get money back from gambling site:

Can I get my money back from an online casino?

Yes, it’s possible to get your money back from an online casino if you have a legitimate reason. There are efficient methods for reclaiming money from online betting platforms and recovering gambling losses. Here are some pointers to help you get your money back from an online casino.

Can I take legal action against an online casino?

This is possible: if you had unfair practices and technical issues, if you had winnings and could not withdraw them, if your funds were looked at in your account, if the casino closed, or if the casino operated without a license.

How do I complain about an online casino?

You need to contact the gambling commission and report your case. You have to report all the information on our website and open an investigation case regarding your problem with the online casino.

How do I get a refund from online gambling?

Between any client and country and any online casino site, this is different. When we are investigating any personal case, we also provide the best way to complete a refund from an online casino for our clients.

Online Casino Chargebacks.

Online casino chargebacks are a way to get your payment transaction back from your Credit card, Master card, or Debit card. To get back your money using chargeback, you need to contact your bank and your card provider and explain that you have been scammed by an online casino and you want to do a chargeback for your online transactions. If you have a reason and the transfer you have done is still new, not longer than 30 days, you have a big chance of getting a chargeback.

I can't withdraw my winnings!

Some of the online casinos operate without gambling license and crate big problems for their clients with winning withdrawals and even with deposit withdrawals. If the casino is a “black casino,” you will need to report your case to our company and use professional support to get your winnings out of the casino website.

Can I get my gambling losses back?

Many people think if they have lost money in a casino online, the money is gone, but they don’t know that if the gambling site manipulates you or operates without a gambling license, so it is possible to get back a gambling loss.

What is the best way to ask a casino for money back?

The best way to ask a casino for money back is to negotiate with them about how much you will get back. Usually, you can close a deal for up to 90% of your initial investment. To do this alone will be long and complicated. If you have such a problem, we recommend you contact our support team and boost your chances of getting your money back from a casino.


To avoid any problems with online casinos, we recommend not gambling at all! Gambling refunds can be an exhausting process. But if you already had an issue with an online casino, feel free to get free consulting regarding your case.

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How to Get Your Money Back
Review Your Case
You submit an application, we investigate your case and you can see in your personal account how much money you can get back
Fight and Dispute
Representatives of our expert team will assess the details of your case for success to determine whether your case can lead to a refund.
Get Your Money Back
Our team is ready to use all methods available to us to get your money back.