WSM Coin, the Wall Street Memes Scam

WSM Coin, also known as Wall Street Memes, this seemingly innocuous meme coin has left a trail of disillusioned investors in its wake, FundsRefund the best financial investigation company, exposes WSM's fraudulent practices and guides those who’ve fallen victim to this elaborate ruse.

The Rise of Wall Street Memes

Wall Street memes burst onto the scene in 2023, riding the meme coin wave that swept across the crypto landscape. Its initial presale raised eyebrows with a staggering $25 million influx, propelling the coin’s value by 115% upon launch. But beneath the surface, danger loomed.

The WSM Casino Mirage

The launch of Wall Street Memes Casino in October promised excitement and riches. With custom games, sports betting, and token integration, it attracted over 18,100 players in its first month, generating a jaw-dropping $1.5 million in gross gaming revenue. But beware—the allure of the casino masked a darker truth.

The Scam Unveiled

  1. False promises: WSM Coin lured investors with promises of moonshots and quick gains — however, these gains were often illusory, leaving many with empty pockets.
  2. Lack of transparency: the project’s developers remained elusive, concealing their identities behind memes and pseudonyms.
  3. Pump-and-Dump tactics: WSM exhibited classic pump-and-dump behavior, artificially inflating its value before crashing it mercilessly.
  4. The staking program was supposed to generate a small monthly income for holding the WSM coins in the project wallet. But then the main company wallet was hacked, and all the assets were stolen by the "Hacker”.

Reclaiming lost funds from WSM Coin

If you find yourself among the disillusioned, here’s how to take action:

  1. Document everything: gather evidence of your investment, transactions, and communications related to the WSM project.
  2. Contact FundsRefund support: report the WSM Coin scam.

Our company has already handled a few separate cases related to the WSM project. One of them is about Amanda. She is a 51-year-old woman from Australia who just wanted to make some extra money. And she bought a WSM coin, but after 2 months, she lost 90% of her money. Amanda contacted our company and said I lost money with the WSM project. What do I do? Our team of financial investigators started to investigate her case and how to get money back from the WSM project. This was a hard job, but using technological tools and negotiations, we were able to refund money from WSM Coin. The main office of WSM Coin paid back Amanda for all her losses. 


We help financial victims seek justice and reclaim their hard-earned funds. Feel free to contact our support on the main page.

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