About us

Our name speaks for itself – we are professional private investigators located in The Cayman Islands, with over 18 years of experience in the field. Our expertise is widely recognized and appreciated by law enforcement, government agencies, and other entities that rely on precise and up-to-date information about individuals and organizations.

Our background check services can provide you with the information you need, whether it involves investigating criminal records, uncovering financial investment fraud, or exposing fraudulent broker companies. We are confident that we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations with our thorough and accurate investigations.

Financial Investigations

To uncover finance-related crimes like embezzlement, fraud, asset theft, and money laundering, financial investigations rely on various techniques, including forensic accounting.


What is a financial investigation?


Investigating allegations of fraud, bribery, corruption, and money laundering on a global scale involves analyzing the origins, movements, and uses of money. Financial malfeasance, including fraud, tax evasion, bribery, and corruption, almost always has a financial aspect at its core. Uncovering and addressing these issues effectively often requires a multifaceted approach that spans various areas of expertise and regions.

At Broker-Investigations, our Financial Investigations practice brings together skilled professionals with backgrounds in forensic accounting, data analytics, forensic audits, and financial crime compliance and investigations. Our team consists of former senior executives from accounting firms, regulatory and enforcement agencies, and we are constantly investing in cutting-edge technology and innovative analytical methodologies. With offices around the world and extensive resources, we can provide local expertise anywhere globally.

Our services include data analytics for litigation, asset tracking, and recovery, frequently in complex cross-border frauds and regulatory investigations. We collaborate with financial institutions, regulators, and law enforcement agencies in emerging and frontier markets, providing independent expertise in investigating money laundering and fraud.


What do financial investigations reveal?


  • Visa/ MasterCard transfers

  • Wire bank transfers

  • Crypto currency transfers

  • Tax evasion

  • Public corruption

  • Telemarketing fraud

What happens during a financial investigation?

Financial investigations usually involve two key processes: collection and analysis. During the collection phase, investigators gather various financial documents, such as bank records, crypto wallet information, real estate files, motor vehicle records, and computer files, with your consent. If necessary, they may also use computer forensics to uncover relevant information. After that, they will scrutinize the data they've collected to trace the movement of money and its origin. As an impartial and authorized source, financial investigators can provide evidence that can be presented in court.

Do you need a financial investigation?

If you suspect that you have fallen victim to identity theft, fraud, or any other form of theft, a financial investigation can help you dispel doubts, provide evidence, and, in some cases, recover your losses.

Our financial investigators possess the expertise to unravel complex money-laundering schemes and track illicit fund flows worldwide. Sophisticated money launderers can take advantage of the fragmented nature of international anti-money laundering (AML) oversight, moving the proceeds of criminal activity across different jurisdictions while evading detection and hindering investigations. Combating these intricate underworld operations requires a comprehensive set of tools and cross-jurisdictional collaboration.

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