Scammers offering a chargeback service, how do they work?

Now there are many companies on the Internet offering legal services to recover money from dishonest brokers and other companies. Strange as it may sound, but among such intermediaries there are many swindlers (about 99% of such companies are engaged only in increasing the number of applications at best, usually they take money and disappear at once). Let's talk about how they work:

  • they will find out your contact information and the details of your situation;
  • they can advise you another broker, i.e. tell you: "yes, you are unlucky, you chose a bad broker, but we can advise you a good one". Don't believe that;
  • they can charge you an upfront fee and do nothing;
  • they draw you in with a one-page site that contains supposedly reliable material about their extensive experience with chargebacks; however, there is no practical information about the company's price list for its services, or about the procedure for conducting a chargeback;
  • they draw you in with a test to estimate the likelihood of getting your money back on the site. Do not rely on its results, which will always be positive;
  • scammers immediately promise a 100% guarantee of your money back. Don't believe it, because a serious company knows for sure that you can't predict how much money you'll get back in the end;
  • they find out your phone number in the broker databases and call you wanting to help you get justice, and their services are not free;
  • they can operate simultaneously on several sites with different names, attracting you with contextual advertising, promising headlines; clicking on the links, you get to the site of the same fraudulent organization;
  • they insist on prepaying for services, because it will improve the result of work, "your application will be considered first," etc.; at the same time, serious companies offer several rates for work, ready to help you even if you intend to conduct your own chargeback;
  • scammers promise to help you even if you have lost your deposit and the broker does not really owe you anything. Then, after getting your money, they disappear, and you are left with nothing and only lose precious time;
  • they promise to help you through their "connections" with the broker, the commission. Often such "assistants" are even paid by traders for business trips, flights to different countries, hotel accommodation, etc.


You can get back the money you transferred to a fraudulent broker, but not always. Choose your broker carefully. Be careful about the money you transfer to the broker. If you do have to resort to the service of chargeback, it is better to use the help of professionals in order to speed up the process and get your capital back.

Remember that capital can be withdrawn, but not if an illiterate trader makes a mistake already at the stage of registration of the account with the broker. For the most part the money is lost through the fault of the trader himself. Therefore, study the conditions of work with the broker, keep all screenshots of correspondence, work with the account, etc. If you encounter a fraudster, use the chargeback procedure by contacting a trusted company.

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