Is it realistic to get a refund from a FTX cryptocurrency exchange and how to create claim?

Yes, it is real. The refund procedure from FTX will take place in 5 steps:

  1. Claims registration.
  2. Creation of login in Claims portal.
  3. Identity verification.
  4. Balance acceptance.
  5. Asset transfer.

The first of them is already available, you can fill out a first part of refund application — registration of creditor and customer account details.
You may find it difficult to work out how to fill in your refund application correctly, but you can contact our company, we will fill in all the necessary details and accompany you until the funds are returned to your wallet and we will help speed up the process.

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How to Get Your Money Back
Review Your Case
You submit an application, we investigate your case and you can see in your personal account how much money you can get back
Fight and Dispute
Representatives of our expert team will assess the details of your case for success to determine whether your case can lead to a refund.
Get Your Money Back
Our team is ready to use all methods available to us to get your money back.