Several large companies have reported the attack on Poloniex, with damage estimated at between $107 million and $114 million

At least 4 blockchain security companies have notified the public about the hack of the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange. Contrary to initial reports, the issue is that the trading platform's clients lost more than $100 million. According to various estimates, the damage is estimated to be between $107 million and $114 million.

For example, Beosin researchers stated that the trading platform was attacked and the attacker stole $114 million, including 32.76 million USDT (11.03 million in ETH and 21.73 million in TRON blockchain), 283.66 ETH and 86.50 Wrapped Bitcoins (WBTC). In addition, another 35 types of altcoins were stolen from the TRON network.

Researchers from Certik confirmed this information. They stated that they discovered losses in 3 blockchains including Ethereum, Bitcoin and TRON. The damages amounted to $33 million, $18.6 million and $48.7 million respectively. According to experts' preliminary estimates, cybercriminals stole at least $100 million in digital assets.

Analysts of the research company SlowMist also did not stay away and released their own report on the attack on Poloniex. They published a table of all the tokens that were affected by the attackers' hack. According to experts, 67 out of more than 350 virtual assets hosted on this centralized trading platform were stolen.

Experts estimate that the exploit brought the hackers about $107 million, including $30 million in Ethereum, $55 million in the TRON network, $18 million in bitcoins, and more than $2 million in the XRP cryptocurrency.

In addition, Cyvers founder and CEO Deddy Lavid asked all those affected to contact the company via Telegram for assistance. He promised that his team and other specialists will provide support to the platform's customers.

Technical Director Meir Dolev assured that Cyvers' advanced system tracks millions of transactions in various blockchains every day. The developers have created unique indicators that detect suspicious activities.This should allow to calculate all movements of funds carried out by fraudsters. The management of the Poloniex platform said that it is ready to offer the hacker rewards of 5%.

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